A note from the founder, Alexa:

alexa glitter.jpg

Hello gorgeous soul! I am so happy that you found your way to being with me right here, right now. I imagine that all who make their way to Flow Glow are individuals who like to play, dance, laugh, express, experience and transform their way through life. If this resonates with you, then you, my beloved, are my people <3

Flow Glow was created through what I like to call DIVINE INTERVENTION. My partner, Jordan, and I were in the middle of renovating our short school bus, Florence (Flow for short) into a festival vessel when I was struck with an idea and an inspiration that refused to leave me.

Transformational music festivals, retreats, and masterminds/hearts are a huge part of our lives. Glitter and costume have always been a feature aiding in the development of the characters we like to embody while playing in those settings.

I thought we were renovating the bus to take us around the country, to meet people, to have a good time, and to inspire.

I had no idea that a bigger part of our purpose was going to be spreading responsible sparkle to those with my own biodegradable glitter brand.

When the Universe knocked and said - go glitter the world - I listened!

Yes, this is about the magic that something so simple and so small can yield. Yes, it’s about glitter’s ability to transform personalities and add so much playfulness to an individual or collective experience. Yes, it’s about embracing expression and all of who we are.

AND it is also about something MUCH more. . .

Flow Glow is BIODEGRADABLE glitter. Why? Because as we navigated festival and event scenes we learned the sad truth about this fun addition to our wardrobes. Traditional glitter is not only made from plastic that is impossible to recycle, but it’s also made with harmful chemicals that are not good for the planet or for our bodies.


A part of our mission is to educate others on the realities of glitter and to show them a better way to play with glitter that is made from plants not plastic, glitter that will biodegrade within a year instead of hundreds if not thousands.

I don’t believe in repressing expression, especially if that expression involves glitter. Instead of trying to shut down traditional glitter producing establishments, our mission is to educate and replace.

My mission is to allow Flow Glow to hold space as the premier cosmetic festival and event glitter in the world and to take this message of responsible sparkle mainstream.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

I encourage you to share your Flow Glow with friends. Be the friend that says “Hey, I’ll bring the glitter!” so that you can teach other’s while you share. And when you share, I invite you to take a picture and tag us #flowglowglitter so that we can celebrate and share your shiny bliss as well!

With so much gratitude and love in my heart,


P.S. I’ll be looking for you on the dance floor ;)